Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson will personally fly the band and their entourage around the globe on a Boeing 757 for the duration of their world tour. DICkinson is a qualified pilot and so the British band decided to rent a large airplane that could fit all their equipment and stage props, as well as the group, in it. And Iron Maiden has named the jet Ed Force One, after their skeleton mascot Eddie. DICkinson says, "We've been around the world many times and done some pretty momentous things but this is a first, not just for us but for any band on the planet. "When we came up with the idea of getting one big plane with all the band, crew and equipment on we didn't realise how complex it was. "But here we finally are on our 757 which we've christened Ed Force One, with yours truly wearing his captain's uniform, ready to fly us off around the globe." Iron Maiden kick off their world tour in Mumbai, India on Friday (01Feb08).