Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has once again been hailed a hero after he flew to the rescue of 221 British tourists - who were left stranded abroad following the collapse of a major tour operator.
Many passengers were left unable to get home after U.K.-based XL shut down this week (beg08Sep08) - with hundreds of flights cancelled.
But DICkinson - a trained commercial jet pilot for Astraeus airline - stepped in to help by flying hundreds of trapped tourists back to Britain from Egypt on Saturday (13Sep08).
He says, "I was just doing my job. I was called out, like a lot of other pilots, to help and I was obviously happy to do that. Some of the people on the flight were obviously frustrated by the situation they had found themselves in, but everyone was pretty good-natured about it all. "
DICkinson was recently praised for his work flying British troops home from Afghanistan.