Former Iron Maiden star BLAZE BAYLEY has been rocked by a family medical crisis - his wife has fallen into a coma after collapsing at their home.
The rocker has released a statement thanking fans who have offered him and his family words of support as they pray for his partner Debbie's recovery.
He reveals his spouse, who is also his manager, suffered a brain haemorrhage at the family home in Tamworth, England on 6 July (08) and has been in a coma ever since.
He says, "She has had three neurosurgeries; each one has been a success.
"Debbie is now in a coma that could last days, weeks or even months. She is breathing on her own and she is stable, but she is still in critical condition.
"I visit her every day that I am not out with the band, and talk to her about what is going on with the band and how well the new album is doing. Her family and close friends are also at her bedside every day."
Bayley reveals letters from fans have been a great help and he reads them to his wife: "Thank you to everyone who has sent messages of support to Debbie and to me. A lot of them I have read out to Debbie in hospital."
But Bayley - who has reformed his previous band Wolfsbane - refuses to put his music career on hold and stage a bedside vigil for his wife, because she would want him to rock on.
He explains, "She has worked so hard to get the band going and to make the new album possible that I feel it is important to continue with what she has started for us.
"So I am not cancelling any shows that she has arranged for the band, because I know that is not what Debbie would want."
Bayley recently credited his wife, who he wed on St. Valentine's Day (14Feb) last year (07), for straightening him out after financial problems and alcohol abuse sent him spiralling into a severe depression.