Actress Irma P Hall triumphed over serious injuries from a January (04) car crash to attend a private screening of her new movie The Ladykillers this week (ends02APR04).

Hall, who stars opposite Tom Hanks in the comedy, has been recovering in a Chicago, Illinois, convalescent centre from accident-related open-heart surgery, a broken arm and a crushed ankle.

The actress, who attended the screening at a local theatre with friends on Wednesday (31MAR04), says, "I loved the whole thing. You never really know until you see it on the screen. I've been waiting so long for this."

While recuperating from her injuries, Hall says she heard from directors JOEL and Ethan Coen, Hanks and co-star Marlon Wayans.

She adds, "We're all like family. They all signed my pillow. Whenever I miss them, I hug it."

02/04/2004 13:19