Irina Shayk wants more movie roles.

The 28-year-old model - who makes her acting debut in the upcoming action-adventure 'Hercules' which is out later this month - plans to continue expanding her career into the movie industry.

She told ''When you're on set for modelling, even for a lingerie shoot, you have maybe 10 people behind the camera, but on a film you have 200 people!

''You have to perform and you have to forget that you're a model; you have to be real. It's very different. You have to really believe in your character.

''I love fashion, and I love to be a model, but definitely I enjoyed making this movie and I would like to act again.''

However, the 'Sports Illustrated' cover-girl has no official roles lined up just yet and is waiting to see what the future holds.

She said: ''If something different or something great comes along I'll give it a try. You can never plan, it's like a lottery. Modelling opens so many doors - television hosting, acting, designing - so you can never plan. Let's see.''

Meanwhile, Irina - who stars in the movie as Megara, the wife of Hercules, played by Dwayne Johnson - admitted she felt very ''attached'' to her on-screen husband and is grateful to the 42-year-old for helping her feel comfortable on set.

She explained: ''It was really great to work with Dwayne, he's very professional.

''He helped me a lot, just him being there, looking at me, really helped. I felt very attached to my 'husband' which made it easier for me.

''I'm not a professional actress, it's my first movie, so it was great to have that support.''