Irina Shayk wants to have children.

The 30-year-old model - who is in a relationship with Bradley Cooper - thinks having a family of her own is the ''most important thing'' and though she doesn't know when it will happen, she admits it could be ''soon''.

She said: ''I think family is the reason why we are here.

''I love my job and it's very important to me. I really enjoy what I'm doing but it's not the most important thing in my life - family is, friends, people who I love.

''My father was married to my mother for more than 20 years and, yes, definitely one day I want to have a family because that is the most important thing on this earth.

''I don't think there is a perfect time. I think it's more important to have the right person by your side.

''My sister had her baby when she was 22, and for her that was the perfect time.

''I will be 31 in January, so maybe soon it will be my perfect time. I don't know - time will tell.''

Irina thinks she is ''romantic'' - but believes it is more important for men to be than women.

She said: ''I would say that I can definitely e romantic and I think that it's very important.

''But as far as I am concerned, it's even more important for guys to be romantic than girls.''

While she isn't engaged, the Russian beauty already knows what sort of wedding she wants.

She explained to Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''I was born and raised in snow, so I would definitely like it to be somewhere warm, beautiful and nice, probably by the beach.''