Ioan Gruffudd has "no idea" what to expect from fatherhood.

The 'Fantastic Four' actor, whose wife Alice Evans is pregnant with their first child, admits he is terrified but thrilled at the prospect of being a parent.

He said: "It's been tough. I'm sure we have no idea what we are heading into. But we both love each other so much and really hope that we will create an environment of love and happiness."

Ioan and Alice - who met on the set of 2002 movie '102 Dalmatians' - know the sex of the baby but have decided to only tell their close family and friends.

The couple have also discussed names for the new arrival which is due in September, but plan to wait before they decide.

Ioan explained: "We have a handful of names. But I think we are going to wait until the baby arrives."

The 35-year-old star insists he has done everything in his power to ensure his wife's first pregnancy goes smoothly.

He added to People magazine: "It's been one long summer. I have basically been the best husband in the world - or trying to be.

"You go from being lover to husband, lackey, taxi driver. You just have to have so many caps on. Listen, it's a blessing that I am here, at home not working, being able to be there for her."