Ioan Gruffudd visits a therapist to help with cope with career angst.

The 43-year-old actor had a successful career during the early noughties but over the last few years, the work has slowed down and Ioan turned to a therapist to help boost his confidence.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the actor said: ''When you turn 35, momentum stops and life catches up with you and you look back at all the things you took for granted at such a young age and think 'that was amazing'.

''I really struggle with that, but I do a lot of meditation. I've never been more grateful for my existence and my life than I am now.''

Ioan, who has two children with British actress Alice Evans, now lives in Los Angeles and has a dual-citizenship and claims everybody there has ''sacrificed so much''.

He said: ''Los Angeles gets a very bad rap, the perception, especially by us Brits, is 'oh, it's so fake', but it's the antithesis.

''Everybody that's achieved anything in Hollywood has worked their f**king arses off; they've sacrificed so much moving there - nothing is given for free.

''Alice is from Bristol, her dad's a professor, so we have quite similar middle-class backgrounds and we had to learn to overcome that British false modesty, to be like Americans, who say 'oh I did this fantastic thing, you have to see it'.''

Unlike many other Hollywood actors, Ioan admits he loves taking selfies with fans as he believes it makes him ''feel on top of the world''.

He said: ''It makes you feel on top of the world, it can literally change your day.''