The Welsh actor has two daughters, six-year-old Ella and two-year-old Elsie, with wife Alice Evans. Last September (15), he was supporting Wales as they took on England in a rugby match and Alice filmed his enthusiastic response to his team's victory in a video she later posted on Instagram.

Speaking about the video during an interview on Lorraine on Friday (22Apr16), Ioan explained: "Alice trimmed that down, because immediately after that fact my two daughters, God love them, came running out crying, bawling, wondering what the hell was wrong with Daddy because I was jumping up and down screaming and shouting."

Ioan is now 42, and thinks that having children as an older man has been a somewhat taxing experience at points.

"We were having children late really, sort of into our thirties, so that's interesting - just from an energy standpoint!" he laughed. "I tell you what, I have a new found appreciation, love and respect for my own mother."

Ioan was speaking to promote the 10th anniversary of BritWeek - an annual week of events held to honour British stars out in Los Angeles.

One of the actor's first film roles was on 1997 movie Titanic, and it remains a special memory for the star.

"What was extraordinary was that my first experience of LA was literally my second day on a movie set. So it was coming over, flying over, never been to America before, to land in LA to fly to San Diego to drive into Mexico to do Titanic. So that was my first experience - I felt on top of the world and I've felt that way ever since," he smiled.

"It was such a magical feeling, being able to walk onto that set with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet - they were my peers and we were all the same age. It was so unique in a sense, that my first experience here was that movie."