Welsh heart-throb Ioan Gruffudd is lauding the acting skills of rising star Keira Knightley after working together on new blockbuster King Arthur.

The HORNBLOWER actor plays knight SIR LANCELOT opposite Knightley's Queen GUINEVERE in the Antoine Fuqua action movie.

Gruffudd gushes, "She's the most beautiful tomboy you'll ever come across.

"She just has it, whatever 'it' is. The camera adores her, she just completely transforms on screen. She is 19 and that's hard of believe.

"She's a very smart lady - funny, generous, down to earth and normal - and it's very refreshing to see that in such a young person who's getting so much success. She's the hottest commodity. It's unbelievable."

05/07/2004 13:54