By Sarah Henshaw

1: Which female singer did Sir Elton John NOT duet with this year, either on record or in public?

a) Norah Jones

b) Joss Stone

c) Dolly Parton

2: How many awards did Green Day pick up at this year's MTV Europe Music awards in November?

a) Two

b) Three

c) Four

3: What crime did rapper Lil' Kim get convicted of in March?

a) Fraud

b) Perjury

c) Dangerous driving

4: Which country star likened the end of his 130-day marriage to "having someone come in take your big screen TV off the wall during the big game and there's nothing you can do about it"?

a) Garth Brooks

b) Keith Urban

c) Kenny Chesney

5: Who gave birth to Sean Preston on 14 September?

a) Ms Dynamite

b) Britney Spears

c) Victoria Beckham

6: Eminem fuelled speculation of his imminent retirement from the industry with an album of what name?

a) Curtain Call

b) The End Is Nigh

c) Over And Out

7: Mischa Barton, star of hit US TV show The OC, featured in which English solo singer's video?

a) Robbie Williams

b) James Blunt

c) Craig David

8: Gwen Stefani released Hollaback Girl in June, but what was the abbreviated name of the album it came from?

a) H.A.M

b) S.P.A.M

c) L.A.M.B.

9: How did Madonna crack her scapula and break four ribs in August?

a) She was in a car crash

b) She landed awkwardly after a parachute jump

c) She was thrown from her horse

10: Which enduring pop star revealed he'd like to follow Sir Elton John and David Furnish down the aisle when same-sex marriages are legalised in the UK?

a) George Michael

b) Phil Collins

c) Chesney Hawkes

11: Which US actor asked the Live 8 audience in Philadelphia to click their fingers every three seconds, to mark the death of children in Africa?

a) Will Smith

b) Jamie Foxx

c) Samuel L Jackson

12: Which Latin pop star admitted in November he hoped to launch his own range of extra-small condoms?

a) Ricky Martin

b) Marc Anthony

c) Enrique Iglesias

13: Which Hollywood actor played country music legend Johnny Cash in a 2005 film biopic?

a) Joaquin Phoenix

b) Daniel Craig

c) John Travolta

14: Penny Lancaster gave birth to rocker Rod Stewart's baby in December, but how many children did the lothario already have?

a) 6

b) 7

c) 8

15: Which other crime was singer-turned-DJ Boy George convicted of when he was arrested for drug possession in October?

a) Driving under the influence

b) Falsely reporting a burglary

c) Grievous bodily harm

16: Which John Travolta classic movie inspired Madonna's video for single Hung Up?

a) Grease

b) Pulp Fiction

c) Saturday Night Fever

17: Which band accepted their gong at the MTV Europe Music Awards with the words, "We're the best group and we don't even exist"?

a) Gorillaz

b) Coldplay

c) Green Day

18: Which female artist released her first album in 12 years, called Aerial?

a) Barbra Streisand

b) Kate Bush

c) Olivia Newton John

19: Which hip-hop star launched a Hollywood career with biopic Get Rich Or Die Tryin'?

a) Eminem

b) 50 Cent

c) Kanye West

20: Name the attorney who helped Michael Jackson clear his name in his child molestation trial in June?

a) Tom Sneddon

b) Thomas Mesereau

c) Robert Blake

21: Who replaced Michael Hutchence as the lead singer of Inxs after winning reality TV show Rock Star: INXS in September?

a) Suzie McNeil

b) Jordis Unga

c) JD Fortune

22: What was the name of the tour Kylie Minogue cancelled on being diagnosed with breast cancer in May?

a) Showgirl

b) Reinvention

c) Fever

23: Who introduced pop star Robbie Williams at the London leg of July supergig Live 8?

a) David Beckham

b) Kofi Annan

c) Brad Pitt

24: Bassist Frankie Poullain quit which flamboyant British band in May?

a) The Bravery

b) The Darkness

c) The Killers

25: Who did MTV Europe Music Awards host Sacha Baron Cohen label a 'transvestite' at the November ceremony?

a) Shakira

b) Gwen Stefani

c) Madonna

26: Supermodel Heidi Klum announced her engagement to which musician in January?

a) Reel Big Fish guitarist Scott Klopfenstein

b) Singer/songwriter Seal

c) Ocean Colour Scene singer Simon Fowler

27: Which artist launched his own brand of fast food in November?

a) Ludacris - Ludacrisly Tasty Burgers

b) Roni Size - Roni SuperSize Fries

c) Snoop Dogg - Foot-Long Hot Doggs

28: Who was named Britain's biggest-selling act of the 21st century in November?

a) Dido

b) Coldplay

c) Robbie Williams

29: Which female artist leads the nominations for the Grammy Awards next year?

a) Mariah Carey

b) Missy Elliot

c) Gwen Stefani

30: Which band performed alongside Sir Paul McCartney at Live 8, singing 1967 classic Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?

a) U2

b) Coldplay

c) REM


1 - a

2 - a

3 - b

4 - c

5 - b

6 - a

7 - b

8 - c

9 - c

10 - a

11 - a

12 - c

13 - a

14 - a

15 - b

16 - c

17 - a

18 - b

19 - b

20 - b

21 - c

22 - a

23 - a

24 - b

25 - c

26 - b

27 - c

28 - c

29 - a

30 - a.