Deceased Inxs frontman Michael Hutchence's late lover Paula Yates is to be the subject of a revealing book by her friend and former publicist GERRY AGAR.

Agar's book will offer frank details of Paula's tragic life, including the break-up of her ten year marriage to Live Aid founder SIR Bob Geldof and subsequent relationship with Australian rocker Hutchence, who died in November 1997.

British TV presenter Yates died of a heroin overdose in September 2000, leaving three daughters with Geldof and one with Hutchence - HEAVENLY HIRAANI TIGER LILY HUTCHENCE, now six.

Agar slams Yates's parenting abilities, saying, "Tiger had been badly neglected. I think the child should have been taken into care, however sad for Paula."

The one-time publicist was responsible for alerting the police to Paula's drug-fuelled lifestyle following Hutchence's death, and tells of the time he and live-in nanny ANITA DEBNEY found opium hidden in sweet packets at Paula's London home.

PAULA, MICHAEL + BOB will be published by MICHAEL O'MARA in September (03) and promises to be a "moving and gripping" account of "a true tale involving lies, betrayal, manipulation, obsession and addiction".

30/07/2003 14:03