Inxs guitarist TIM FARRISS has hit out at writers who have penned books about dead bandmate MICHAEL HUTCHENCE - accusing them of cashing in on the tragic star.

Farriss was left devastated when Hutchence was found hanged in a hotel room in Sydney, Australia, in 1997. Just three years later, Hutchence's partner - and mother of his only child TIGER LILY - PAULA YATES also died, of a drug overdose.

In the years since their horrific deaths, close friends and family have written accounts of their wild lifestyle and kinky sex games - to Farriss' dismay.

He fumes, "People should just leave all that in the past. All these people who write books about him and Paula to make money, make me sick. He was one of my best friends and sadly he died way before his time. That's all I know and all I care about.

"When I heard Michael had been found dead I couldn't take it. For a long time I couldn't see myself carrying on with the band without Michael. Then we realised we had to go on because INXS is our life."

20/11/2003 13:41