Aussie rock icons Inxs are recording a new album with guest vocalists after parting ways with frontman JD FORTUNE.
Fortune performed with the band for three years after winning the role in U.S. TV reality show Rock Star: INXS.
In January (09) he claimed he was fired by his bandmates at Hong Kong airport upon completion of the group's most recent tour.
Representatives for the group later denied the conversation took place and insisted Fortune was expected to work with INXS in the future.
But his outburst appears to have driven a wedge between him and other members of the band.
The group announced on Tuesday (08Dec09) they were hitting the studio and planning a world tour that will kick off with a performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.
Band bosses are remaining tight lipped about the identity of the guest vocalists, but promise in a statement they will be "some of the best-known singers from across the world".
INXS' original lead singer Michael Hutchence died in a hotel room in his native Australia in 1997. His death was ruled a suicide, but it has since been speculated he was performing an auto-erotic sex act that went wrong.