Inxs' efforts to find a new frontman for their band have been mocked by actor Hank Azaria, who believes their "ageing rocker" image is "not a good look".

The Australian band's singer Michael Hutchence died in 1997 after a suspected suicide, and years later the surviving members have embarked on a search of six continents for a new frontman.

And while Azaria has enjoyed watching the search take place on the reality show ROCKSTAR: INXS, he admits the band members often make him cringe.

He says, "It's great reality TV. It's very good and very bad things together in one. The kids who are all competing are enormously talented and gorgeous and it's fun to watch them.

"But you know what's not a good look? Ageing rocker. Great band, I love the band and they're cool guys. It's fun to see them but all the INXS guys they sort of sit there in judgment and it's like the worse catchphrase ever for a reality show.

"(DONALD) TRUMP had, 'You're fired.' Every time someone's voted off they say the same thing every week, in this exact way: 'You're just not right for our band - INXS.'

"We know the band's name! Why do they have to repeat it every time?"

08/08/2005 09:07