The two men behind a forthcoming biopic of late Inxs singer Michael Hutchence insist they're compelled to make the film to preserve the singer's memory. SLIDE AWAY, produced by CLARK WESTERMAN and directed by Hutchence's close pal NICK EGAN, will chart the rocker's life and music, culminating in his tragic death in a Sydney, Australian hotel room in 1997. However, Westerman insists it was exactly because he died in such controversial circumstances - the apparent victim either of suicide or accidental death by auto-erotic asphyxiation - that he has to make the movie, because he fears other film-makers would dwell on the death. Westerman says, "That is not the memory of what we are after, and that's not the story of who the man is. What we are aiming for is the journey through a person's life via their head."