One-time Inxs frontman JON STEVENS has launched a scathing attack on airline bosses after he was ejected from a flight in Australia on Wednesday (26Jan11).
The New Zealand-born rocker was onboard a Jetstar plane preparing to fly from Perth to Brisbane when he became embroiled in a dispute with staff over seating arrangements after switching chairs.
A representative for Stevens claims, "The steward requested that he move back to his allocated seat, a directive that Stevens initially queried, but complied when told that it was airline policy."
The plane subsequently returned to the terminal and cops were called to attend the scene, Stevens was then ordered to disembark from the flight - and he's fuming over the incident.
The star has released a statement taking aim at Jetstar chiefs, insisting he did nothing wrong.
Stevens says, "In all my years of extensive travelling around the world and within Australia, I have never been treated like this.
"I did not raise my voice at any stage, did not use offensive language and I would certainly suggest that I was not behaving in a dangerous or offensive manner. I couldn't believe it was happening."
A spokesperson for Jetstar tells the AAP, "A decision was taken that he was unable to fly. We have strict safety guidelines and this includes passengers following instructions of our crew. Our cabin crew were not confident about his willingness to follow instructions and it was also due to the fact of his disruptive behaviour."