Cult American rockers Interpol insist struggling for success in the music industry is "healthy" and "character building". Frontman DANIEL KESSLER isn't jealous of bands who achieve overnight success - but admits he was "saddened" after years of being turned down by record labels. He says, "Our first record came out in 2002, but it's not like we formed then - we got together in the 1990s. "It takes real dedication to put up with getting all those doors slammed in your face for so many years. At the time I was really frustrated and sad. "But it's made us the band we are now. (British band) Arctic Monkeys have been really clever, they've had incredible success but they stay in control. "It's healthy to be a band out there struggling for a long time these days. If you're the real thing, it's going to give you a lot of character."