Interpol singer Paul Banks doesn't think his fans will like his solo project.

The rocker recently released 'Julian Plenti Is Skyscraper' under the alias Julian Plenti but admits he is unsure what the group's supporters will think of it.

He told BBC 6 Music radio: "I wouldn't assume Interpol fans are going to be into this. I'd love it if they were but it is a different thing. What we do in the band is so unique and special and I intend to do some really weird stuff with this, I don't know if people will like it.

"My intent was never to cross promote. I want people to discover this record, it should be a debut artist to people. This has nothing to do with the band whatsoever in my mind."

The singer also said he found working alone "gratifying" because of the freedom he had.

He explained: "I'm not the songwriter of the band. I don't call the shots. I write the vocals and some guitar and we collaborate. When you're working alone it's just a different thing, where my own artistic indulgences, I can take them to the hilt.

"In a band, you will never be all expressive because there is always compromise. It's very gratifying to be able to do whatever I feel like doing as a solo artist."