Interpol frontman PAUL BANKS is furious his group has garnered a stereotypical rock 'n' roll image and has blasted the media for focusing on their penchant for drink and drugs.

The ANTICS star is determined to abolish their hellraising on-tour reputation and has urged rock magazines to base their articles on the band's "craft of making music" and "love for art" instead.

Banks says, "You're asked, 'What've you been doing?' The honest answer is, 'Getting f**king wasted, actually.'

"You say that one line, maybe in the midst of all these lucid things about the craft of making music, and your love for art, and your hatred of hangovers, but of course the rock 'n' roll cliche is what gets written about.

"We're trying not to perpetuate that image. As a new band, we didn't realise the pitfalls. From now on we're going to explain relatively each time."

12/10/2004 09:16