Interpol star CARLOS DENGLER quit the group earlier this year (10) because he was sick of playing bass in the band, according to drummer SAM FOGARINO.
The rocker decided to leave the group when they finished their self-titled fourth album, which is due for release next month (Sep10).
At the time, the split was said to be amicable - but Fogarino has now revealed the real reason behind Dengler's departure.
He tells Toronto's Eye Weekly, "Carlos really doesn't like playing the bass guitar. How integral is the bass to Interpol? I mean, it's huge. It's a total harmonic component. It's hook-laden.
"But he really, really didn't like the bass. It's not his instrument of choice, and it definitely wasn't his first instrument."
Interpol has since recruited former Slint guitarist Dave Pajo to replace Dengler.