Organisers behind the Insane Clown Posse's annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival have been accused of failing to pay vendors who provided services at this summer's (13) event.

Bosses at the rap duo's Psychopathic Records Inc. firm staged the bash at the Hog Rock Campground in Illinois in August (13), drawing an estimated 10,000 people for a week of music and entertainment.

However, cheques issued as payment to several vendors have reportedly bounced, and a donation made to the local Hardin County Sheriff's Office to cover the cost of new protective vests and Taser guns could not be cashed either, according to Sheriff Jerry Fricker.

One disgruntled vendor, Patrick Gail of Event-Tex, has even issued a warning about Psychopathic Records to others in the industry after their payment for $54,000 (£36,000) for supplying power generation and distribution didn't come through.

Gail's email statement reads: "In conversation with many of the other vendors who were contracted for the event, it has been learned that none of them have been paid. The total amount owed from our discussions with the vendors exceeds $300,000."

Executives at Psychopathic Records have yet to comment on the dispute.

It's the second time Insane Clown Posse have hit headlines this week (ends20Sep13) - on Wednesday (18Sep13), it emerged that the hip-hop stars had been named in a wrongful termination lawsuit from their former publicist amid allegations of harassment.