Late Hollywood screen icon Ingrid Bergman regretted taking on the role of ILSA LUND in Casablanca, despite the classic movie proving the biggest success of her career. The star, who died in 1982, appeared opposite Humphrey Bogart in the 1942 film. But according to a new biography by close friend CHARLOTTE CHANDLER, titled INGRID, Bergman was never really interested in the part. Bergman told Chandler, "I was never talented in selecting for myself the best or most successful films. A film I definitely would not have selected was Casablanca, and it is my best loved film." According to Chandler, Bogart also shared his co-star's feelings about the movie - the pair refused to rehearse their parts prior to filming. Bergman said, "That was not very constructive because we never did anything about it, except go to the set and do our best."