The revered director and producer had intended to turn his Sixty Four Minutes With Rebecka script into a collaboration piece for himself, Italian director Federico Fellini and Japan's Akira Kurosawa, but the project was shelved and forgotten.

Bergman, whose classic films include Cries & Whispers, The Seventh Seal and Fanny & Alexander, wrote the script in 1969. It was unearthed in 2001 when he donated his collection to a foundation set up to preserve his work.

Even Bergman experts did not know of the existence of the script, or the filmmaker's plans to team up with fellow directors Fellini and Kurosawa.

Sixty Four Minutes With Rebecka will debut as a radio play next month (06Nov16), before Osten starts filming in early 2017. Her movie is scheduled to hit cinemas in 2018 as Bergman fans around the world celebrate the movie legend's 100th birthday, according to Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

The Swedish filmmaker died in 2007.

Osten made her filmmaking debut in 1982 with the movie Mamma and went on to write and direct projects like Welcome to Verona, Bengbulan, Broderna Mozart and The Guardian Angel.

After a decade-long break, she returned to cinema this year (16) with the drama Flickan, mamman och demonerna, which centres around a young girl's struggles with her mother's mental health issues.