American folk rock duo the Indigo Girls where shocked when punk star Pink called and asked them to work on a new song with her. The Atlanta, Georgia-based musicians worked with the STUPID GIRLS singer on the controversial song ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN'S GATE. AMY RAY explains, "It's just sort of about the music industry - it's kind of a rah-rah song to keep going despite the odds. "We had met her doing a song of hers called DEAR MR PRESIDENT. She's amazing, just amazing." EMILY SALLERS adds, "We got a call from her people and she invited us to be on her record and we were like, "Are you kidding?' "We were blown away because we're both major fans of hers. "It turns out she spent like four years in Atlanta on a record label doing sort of hip-hoppy music and made a shift after that, but was a fan of our music growing up. "So we're like, 'Yeah! We're there!'"