The first footage of new INDIANA JONES movie THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL has won critical acclaim - just days after it was released online. A trailer for the fourth outing for the intrepid archeologist - which shows clips of the first three films before cutting to star Harrison Ford swinging his bullwhip - has garnered praise from film fans across the world since it was made available earlier this week (ends15Feb08). One blogger writes, "As soon as the John Williams' Raiders overture kicks in, you cannot suppress a nostalgic smile. Aside from bits of obvious CGI trickery, the trailer is nearly a note-perfect recreation of Indy's past adventures." Fans have also praised Harrison Ford's return as Indiana Jones - insisting the 65-year-old's age makes no difference to the role he last played 18 years ago. The hotly-anticipated movie is slated for a May (08) release.