Millionaire movie star HARRISON FORD shocked a hotel manager during his Welsh summer holiday - by requesting a discount on a $293 (GBP163) suite.

The INDIANA JONES actor, 61 and his girlfriend, former Ally Mcbeal actress Calista Flockhart, have been travelling around the Welsh waterways on a narrow boat this week (begs05JUL04) and took time out to stay on dry land at the BRYN HOWEL HOTEL in Llangollen in north east Wales.

Ford asked for two rooms - one for him and Flockhart and another for his daughter GEORGIA, 13 and Flockhart's adopted son LIAM, three.

Hotel owner GARY COHEN says, "I have to say Mr Ford was the perfect gentleman.

"He walked in the front door and asked for two rooms. He had a baseball cap on but I recognised him straight away. I showed him the rooms and told him the rates was GBP163 for one of our most spacious suites, complete with four-poster bed and a fantastic view.

"I also offered him a standard GBP116 double room. He tried to get some sort of discount. He didn't mention a price but asked if we could do a deal because he was taking two rooms.

"I cordially declined since ours rates don't change, even for a movie star who earns millions."

09/07/2004 13:27