INDIANA JONES actress Karen Allen was stunned when Steven Spielberg phoned her to offer her a role in the new swashbuckling sequel - because she had been "semi-retired" for decades.
Allen played heroine Marion Ravenwood in 1981 movie Raiders of the Lost Ark and went on to land roles in 1984 sci-fi hit Starman and Paul Newman's 1987 movie The Glass Menagerie.
But in recent years, Allen has concentrated on smaller roles in more low-key movies and TV shows - until she received Spielberg's call.
The 56-year-old says, "I was completely surprised. There had been these rumours going on for many years about the fact that they maybe wanted to make another film. I think it had been a couple of years since I'd heard anything at all. And even though there were tiny rumours here and there that they might want to bring my character back, those rumours would also disappear.
"So this was really the phone ringing out of the blue and Steven Spielberg being on the phone saying not only did they have a great script they were all happy with, but they had also written a wonderful role for me... I had thought of myself as being semi-retired from film."