India.ARIE has been left proud and stunned by Olivia Harrison's reaction to the latest cover of her late husband's WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS - because the R&B singer's rendition with Carlos Santana made her "jump for joy".
Santana asked Arie to sing the track on his eclectic new covers album, and George Harrison's widow was thrilled with the result.
She says, "It completes the circle really. Carlos is really the one that can close it. Eric Clapton did it, Prince did it... at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a few years ago."
And Arie is delighted to hear Harrison not only likes her version of the song, but it makes her feel happy.
She tells, "He (Santana) told me that she said she cried and jumped for joy. I like the idea. I'm honoured by the possibility that I just made her happy in that her husband's not here and she's hearing the song."
And Santana admits getting Harrison's blessing was very special: "It says that we have become those that we admire."