Rockers Incubus have settled their suit with record label SEINE MUSIC, who have also dropped its counter-suit against the band.

A statement reads that they have "amicably resolved their differences" and that the two will continue to work in good faith with each other.

No terms were confirmed by the band's publicist, but several published reports have Incubus being paid around $8 million (GBP5.3 million) for their next album, and $2.5 million (GBP1.6 million) for the following two releases. The reports also state that Seine has an option to renew for a fourth album.

Incubus filed a complaint on 6 February (03) in the LOS ANGELES COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT seeking to end its contract with Immortal and Seine Music invoking the 'Olivia de Havilland clause', or section 2855 of the California Labour Code.

Seine counter-sued for 'breach of contract' a few days later.