Incubus star Mike Einziger has shrugged off reports of a planned protest at an upcoming concert in the Philippines, insisting it's "kind of an honour".
A group of religious advocates is set to demonstrate at Incubus' gig at the Araneta Coliseum on 28 July (11), over fears the rockers will have a bad influence on young fans and alleging the band's name literally means "a male demon".
But Einziger plans to take any potential disruption in his stride, admitting he's flattered by the attention.
He tells Rolling Stone, "I've heard people were worried us about bringing our evil music to the holy land there. In a certain way, it's kind of an honour and I do very much treat it with a sense of humour."
The guitarist also insists he feels "sorry" for the fanatics, adding: "Unfortunately the people who are sending those kinds of messages, they're not treating it with a sense of humour. They're very serious about it and I think it's just a part of a larger problem that affects us on a global scale, which is that religious extremism runs rampant...
"I feel sorry for them. I'm just glad I'm not them because if they actually took a second to listen to any of our music or speak to any of us they could see that we're actually promoters of peace and we're huge environmental activists, advocates of social justice."