Imogen Thomas was petrified prior to having her breast reduction in case something went wrong on the operating table.

The 34-year-old television personality had her assets boosted from a 34C to 34E 10 years ago, but the star has recently gone under the knife again in a bid to return to her smaller cup size.

The brunette beauty was initially ''laughing and joking'' with her partner Adam Horsley before going into theatre, but when the time cane to for the surgeon to use a scalpel on her bust she broke out in floods of tears because she was ''nervous'' about what could happen when she was in surgery.

Speaking to New! magazine about the procedure, the Welsh star - who has two daughters, Ariana and Sierra - said: ''I was petrified beforehand, though. I was fine in the room, laughing and joking with Adam, then as soon as the nurse came in and said, 'We're ready for you.' I started crying. Going under [anaesthetic], you think the worst, like, 'I'm being too selfish here for my kids. What if I don't pull through?' It can happen. I was more nervous about being put to sleep. I wasn't really nervous about the operation because I had so much confidence in the surgeon.''

To calm Imogen down she took a ''relaxer'' before being anaesthetised, and the medicine made her feel like a ''baby''.

She explained: ''When I was lying down, the anaesthetist said, 'I'm going to give you a relaxer before the anaesthetic to calm you down.' The nurse was so lovely and held my hand the whole time. I felt like a baby but I didn't care, because I needed the support.''

The medication did the trick as the surgery ran smoothly and knocked Imogen out for almost three hours.

The former 'Big Brother' contestant star said: ''Everything ran smoothly. The next thing I knew I was in the recovery room and I'd been there for 45 minutes sleeping. I was out for two hours and 45 minutes. It was weird - I wasn't in pain, but I was very numb because when they first do the op the anesthetic numbs you.

''They feel tender, but a nice and perfect size for me. I can't explain what else I feel because I'm swollen and numb. I can't wait to get in a bikini, I really can't ... My boobs were always spilling out because they were so big. They were an E cup. I just feel lighter and like I'm more in proportion with my body. My boobs were so saggy before. I hated them so I'll definitely be more confident now.''