Imogen Thomas is to have a breast reduction next month.

The 34-year-old former glamour model - who shot to fame after appearing on 'Big Brother' in 2006 - had her assets boosted from a 34C to 34E 10 years ago, but she's now planning to go under the knife again because she has terrible back pain and hates how ''droopy'' her bosoms have become over time.

Speaking to new! magazine, she said: ''I just hate my boobs. I get really bad lower back pain. When I take my bra off, they're all droopy and they're so heavy.

''I had a boob job about 10 years ago after 'Big Brother'. Naturally I was a 34C, which I think was perfect, and now I'm a 34DD/E, depending on the bra. Back then, it was fashionable to have big boobs and I made good use of them - I made good money! But I just think the older I'm getting, and with two kids, I don't want big boobs anymore.''

But the brunette beauty isn't just having her old implant out, as the surgeon has told her she'll also need a lift because of how much the skin has stretched.

She explained: ''I'd like to be a B cup, probably. I've decided to have a lift as well because after having kids my boobs have gone south. Some women lose their boobs completely and they don't have any after breastfeeding. But I've still got mine - obviously they're massive - and I wish they would just reduce naturally but they haven't. I'm going to have these implants out, have a lift and I'm going to have a small implant in.''

Imogen - who has children Ariana, four, and Siera, 20 months, with her partner Adam Horsley - is terrified about the surgery in case she dies on the operating table.

She added to the publication: ''I'm very nervous and I'm scared I won't wake up from the anaesthetic - although that's probably me being silly and overthinking.''