Imogen Thomas was angered after receiving a parking ticket following her second emergency visit to the hospital this week.
The former 'Big Brother' contestant raced to hospital for a scan on Tuesday after suffering blood clotting overnight. Thankfully, there seemed to be no problems as she later took to Twitter to express her gratitude for the doctor and midwife who saw to her. "Thank u to the fabulous doctor and midwife this morning. Had such a fright but all is ok now and baby seems fine :-) x", she wrote. The Welsh reality star then had to make yet another journey to hospital this morning after bleeding overnight. Fortunately, there were no problems this time either, with a spokesperson telling MailOnline, "Imogen was naturally distressed by the bleeding and immediately went to the hospital where she had another scan and everything is fine". However, when she made her way back to her car, she discovered that she'd been given a parking ticket despite only being four minutes over the time limit. "How can traffic wardens sit outside hospitals? As if their day isn't bad enough! Thanks for that ticket sick", the 29-year-old tweeted.
Thomas revealed last weekend that she was due to have a baby with her boyfriend of 10 months Adam Horsley. Despite only being 3 months along, she is almost certain she is going to give birth to a girl, telling The Sun: "I'm convinced I am having a girl because I can't stop being sick and eating potatoes of all descriptions, my mum had the same symptoms with me"