Former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas is apparently pregnant with her first child, The Sun reports.
After a year of mostly downs, Thomas now looks to finally be experiencing some ups at last as she announced the good news to the paper, revealing not only is she pregnant, but she is already three months into the ordeal.
Speaking to the paper, the glamour model/reality star emotionally opened up about her life, saying with some disbelief: "I can't believe how happy I am," before adding: "What happened last year was utterly horrendous".
Last year she shocked much of the British public when she announced that she had had an affair with married Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs, a revelation that saw her vilified by the press. Now, a year on and with a bun in the oven, it is as if the press have forgotten about the whole thing as they couldn't wait to print news of her pregnancy and new arm candy Adam Horsley, the baby's father.
Imogen first found fame when she was crowned Miss Wales back in 2003 then found further exposure when she entered the Big Brother house three years later. Afterward she made her curvaceous body even more famous by posing in a number of lads mags, before receiving the most exposure of her career with last year's Giggs scandal.