Imogen Thomas' baby daughter has been rushed to hospital.

Siera Aleira Horsley, who was born in November, spent Thursday night (30.06.16) hooked up to an oxygen tank after getting bronchiolitis, an inflammation of the bronchioles, the smallest air passages of the lungs.

Imogen took to Instagram to share a picture of the sick tot and wrote: ''A night in hospital for my Siera. Bronchiolitis. My poor girl needed oxygen. She's fast asleep now! Can't help but worry but she's in the best hands- NHS. So amazing. Work so hard I'm so happy with the care they always give #NHS (sic).

She later added on Twitter: ''The doc said Siera will get worse b4 better as she's on day 3 of broncolitis. Bless her she's in the best place. Anyone else baby had it? (sic).''

Imogen and partner Adam Horsley also have two-year-old daughter Ariana together.

The 33-year-old model previously revealed that she and Adam were planning to get married in March so that her sick dad Charles, who has now passed away from cancer, could give her away.

She explained: ''I know he's going to do it [propose]. He asked my dad before he passed ... We were going to get married this year because my dad was given a year to live in November. We were planning to get married in March, so he could walk me down the aisle. Adam said he asked him [for his permission to get engaged] before I had the phone call to go home to see my dad for the last time.''

But the brunette beauty has admitted she can't even think about her big day now because she's still coming to terms with her dad's tragic death just before Christmas last year.

She said: ''I can't think about getting married - I'd be in tears because my dad's not there to walk me down the aisle.

''I look at my baby and I see my dad. It's hard. He met her five days before he passed.''