Imogen Thomas probably had her male fans worried for a little while last week, following her appearance at Nina Naustdal Couture's first anniversary party in London. The reality star donned a relatively conservative dress, and was beaten in the "risque-stakes" by the likes of Lauren Goodger.
However, she appears to be back on form, having taken to Twitter to post her latest Twitpic. The former Big Brother star appears in just a bra and grey sweatpants while provocatively holding a cupcake. She added the caption, "Here u go my lovelies. I've worked hard so I deserve a cup cake ;-)". It appears Imogen's craving for sugar didn't last too long however, and she followed up the tweet with another message that read, "Major ridiculous craving for......swede (veg)!! Been to all the shops! And guess what...its out of season! How dare it be plainrude" During an interview with the Huffington Post last month, Thomas opened up about her struggles to control her weight, saying, "My problem is that I absolutely love my food so I find it difficult to control my weight. To make up for it I exercise a lot, but exercise alone is not enough.And whilst I adore all things sweet, I know I must change my attitude to eating, if I am to get to grips with my weight and shape".
In 2011, she was the centre of a gagging-order scandal concerning an affair with a Premiership footballer. In February 2012, Welsh star Ryan Giggs agreed to his name being revealed, and admitted Ms Thomas did not try to blackmail him, which she was initially accused of.