British actress Imelda Staunton refuses to let her ACADEMY AWARD nomination alter her modest lifestyle - she still does all her own household chores.

The grounded VERA DRAKE star hails the longevity of her acting career as the reason her recent Best Actress OSCAR nod is nothing more than a pleasant surprise after years of hard work.

And Staunton is determined to enjoy the 27 February (05) event in Los Angeles - but return to real-life afterwards.

Staunton, 49, says, "I seem to be doing all my own cooking and shopping and washing. I'm not 20 years old, and I've been doing acting very happily for 28 years.

"To have this happen to me in the middle of my career is great, and I can sort of handle it. It's wonderful. I'm very proud that the SAG (SCREEN ACTORS GUILD) and the Academy have embraced the film, which means it will up its profile and that's the bottom line, for this film to be seen."

08/02/2005 21:42