British actress Imelda Staunton knew she wouldn't win an Oscar for her role in 2004's Vera Drake - because the abortion storyline was too harrowing for the American audience to bear.
The 52-year-old scored a Best Actress nomination at the 2005 Academy Awards for her starring role in the crime drama, but the honour eventually went to Hilary Swank for her performance in Million Dollar Baby.
But Staunton isn't bitter about losing out on the Oscar, because she understands the gritty subject matter would not have sat well with the Academy, in a country where abortion is still a controversial issue.
She explains, "I went (to the awards ceremony) knowing I wouldn't win. They were hardly going to give an Oscar to someone who plays an abortionist, not in the States."
And she admits simply being able to experience the fanfare of such a prestigious event made the trip worthwhile.
She adds, "Still, it was wonderful to be there. They know how to treat you well in Hollywood. But luckily I had my head screwed on, so rather than going, 'Ooh, I'm going to stay here', I thought, 'I've had my fun. I can go back to England now.'"