Imelda Staunton confronts noisy eaters in the cinema.

The 64-year-old actress doesn't want anyone to ruin her movie-watching experience so will always warn fellow cinemagoers not to even think about opening their delicious packs of crunchy snacks.

She told Radio Times: ''A bloke came in with a big packet of Doritos and I just said to him, 'What are you doing? You can't eat those. You either eat them now before the film or afterwards.'''

Imelda has even gone far enough to criticise the venues who sell crunchy food and use plastic cups to add to unnecessary noise.

She once asked staff: ''Why are you selling crisps? I just do not get it.''

She added: ''And also none of us can be without food for five minutes. And the drinks! Plastic glasses falling on the floor when there's a quiet moment.''

The 'Harry Potter' star also gives naughty viewers who look at their phones in dark cinemas a strict telling off.

She continued: ''I will turn round and say, 'Can you turn that off, please?'''

What's more, Imelda hates it when her fellow actors pull out their phones after shooting an emotional scene, and instead longs for the days where ''personal calls'' weren't allowed in the workplace.

She explained: ''I do wonder, 'Why can't you just be 'here' today? This is your job. There is nothing more important than this moment now.'

''And it's not just on film sets. It's everywhere. Now if people work in an office, long gone are the days when it was 'No personal calls, please' - it's just all day.''

Meanwhile, Imelda is set to star as Queen Elizabeth in the fifth season of 'The Crown' following Olivia Colman and Claire Foy.

Speaking about her new role, Imelda said: ''I have loved watching 'The Crown' from the very start. As an actor it was a joy to see how both Claire Foy and Olivia Colman brought something special and unique to Peter Morgan's scripts. I am genuinely honoured to be joining such an exceptional creative team and to be taking 'The Crown' to its conclusion.''