Former Filipino First Lady Imelda Marcos is fighting a movie company in a bid to keep an unflattering documentary about her from the public in her homeland.

The socialite, who has become famous for her massive shoe collection, is upset with documentary maker ROMONA (corr) DIAZ's new film IMELDA, insisting is portrays her in a very bad light.

Ironically, Marcos agreed to be interviewed for the film, but claims the chats were obtained under false pretences - she was told the project would be used for an academic thesis and not for commercial use.

The film, which won acclaim at this year's (04) Sundance Film Festival, has already been released in America. It's due to hit cinemas in Manila, The Philippines, five days after Marcos' 75th birthday next month (JUL04).

Marcos claims the film violates her privacy and human rights.

21/06/2004 13:47