A documentary about Imelda Marcos has opened in the Philippines capital, after a court injunction against it was lifted.

The widow of former President FERDINAND MARCOS complained the film made her look like an "airhead" and that she was tricked into giving interviews she thought were for a college project - and even took out a court injunction.

She said, "We have to stick to the truth because truth is God. This is the problem today, just because you are a public figure, they have the freedom to make a story."

"Many things were lifted out of context and insertions there were quite, sometimes malicious."

But the ruling was lifted and the film went on sale in Manila on Wednesday (21JUL04).

Filipina film-maker RAMONA DIAZ has denied she tricked Marcos and insists it is important her countrymen get to see the film.

Diaz explains, "There was no deception at all.

"We had many conversations. There were scenes in the film that were her idea and I thought they were great ideas, so we did it."

23/07/2004 17:37