LATEST: The Philippines former first lady Imelda Marcos has won a court order temporarily halting the release of an unflattering documentary about her in her native country.

The acclaimed IMELDA - which was lauded at this year's (04) SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Utah and has been on limited release in America since March (04) - will not open in Manilla, The Philippines, as planned.

Marcos has also filed a lawsuit against the film's director ROMONA DIAZ, claiming the documentary is full of "malice, inaccuracies and innuendoes".

The former first lady agreed to be interviewed for the film, and insists she only gave her approval then because she understood the project was part of a masters thesis for Diaz, who was a student at STANFORD UNIVERSITY at the time.

Diaz says, "I'm in disbelief."

08/07/2004 20:58