Supermodel Iman attacked a British TV presenter - because she thought he was mocking her name.

Eamonn Holmes, host of the ITV network's morning show GM:TV, was left in state of shock when David Bowie's wife started slapping him and screaming her name almost as soon as they met.

He says, "This nine foot creature walked in and I went and shook her hand, saying, 'Hello. Eamonn. How are you doing?' She replied, 'Iman.' I said, 'Hello... Eamonn.' She screamed, 'Iman!'

"She started hitting me and slapping me, yelling, 'I'm Iman.' I said, 'I know who you are - I'm just trying to tell you, I'm Eamonn!' She thought I was pronouncing her name wrongly."

01/03/2005 14:17