Supermodel Iman is convinced her marriage to David Bowie is long-lasting because they both enjoyed long, successful careers before meeting and falling in love. The Somalian-born beauty, who has been married to Bowie for 14 years, enjoyed a hugely successful catwalk career in the 1970s and 1980s, while the ZIGGY STARDUST singer has been a superstar for four decades. The happy couple have one child together, LEXI, five, and still find each other just as attractive as the first day they met. She says, "David and I had done it all separately and then we found each other. After 14 years, I still fancy him and he makes me laugh like no one else does. "He's such a curious person, always interested in new things, and I find that interesting too. Sometimes it feels like we've been married for 40 years, and sometimes it's like we've just met, but I really feel as if I've known him all my life. "When you're young, you think of love in terms of fireworks, but I think women need more emotional security, and he is there for me all the time, which is something that had never happened to me before."