Rockers Imagine Dragons have teamed up with bosses at Southwest Airlines in the U.S. to give a group of fans a once-in-a-lifetime mile-high experience - a gig in the sky.

To promote their new album, Smoke + Mirrors, the band are set to launch a contest next month (03Feb15), which will offer devotees the opportunity to join the group on tour, and, as part of the golden ticket, the band will also perform in the clouds on board a Southwest flight from their native Las Vegas to Atlanta, Georgia on 24 February (15).

Fans will also get the chance to see the group perform new material at gigs in Las Vegas on 23 February (15) and in Atlanta on 25 February (15).

The band will also be playing shows in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, Utah.

A statement from Imagine Dragons reads: "We can think of no better way to unveil our new album than to travel together with our fans at 35,000 feet, and to play in the same clubs where we started this journey."

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