South Korean film-maker Im Kwon-taek has been awarded an honorary GOLDEN BEAR at this year's (05) BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL in recognition of his outstanding contribution to cinema.

The 68-year-old has made more than 100 films during a career spanning five decades - many tackling the Korean War and the country's subsequent division.

Festival organisers praise his talent for "remarkable visual beauty, technical innovation, and intellectual depth".

A statement reads: "Although his films vary in style, they all bear his unmistakable stamp: they are forceful and charged cinematographically, as well as reticent, stylised and musical."

Kwon-Taek starting making B-movies in the 1960s before moving on to more serious subject matter. He won the Best Director PALME D'OR at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in 2002 for CHIHWASEON (PAINTED FIRE).

15/02/2005 21:42