Iliketrains Announce New Album He Who Saw The Deep

Iliketrains Announce New Album He Who Saw The Deep

iLiKETRAiNS have finally announced their new record, He Who Saw The Deep. iLiKETRAiNS were left without a record deal when Beggars Banquet went bust in 2008. Their last album, the critically acclaimed Elegies to Lessons Learnt was released in 2007. Three years on and having played some of their biggest tours to date, including supporting Editors in Europe, ILT took their time on the second album. Recorded in the middle of North Yorkshire over the Christmas period, they are back and are offering fans the chance to get it early in exchange for helping them release it.

He Who Saw the Deep is written, recorded and ready to see the light of day. It is a progression from what has gone before it. Whilst still very much an I LIKE TRAINS record, they have taken the chance to re invent. There is light and shade, hope and devastation, and they are taking a look at where we are heading instead of where we have been.

With the new album comes a new approach in getting it out. They are looking at their fans to participate in its release and promotion by pledging money. In return they get the album before anyone else and they are offering a whole host of other exclusive goodies, including a vinyl box set of all previously released material as well as B-sides/ rare tracks, along with some random goodies like a Skype acoustic show and pedals used from recording the new album.

Here is how this works. They will be releasing the album on their own label (ILR). The pledge money will go on mastering the album so that it sounds as good as it can, and then marketing so that it goes as far as it can. It will also help to get them back out onto the road so that we can play it around the world. No money exchanges hands until the target is reached. More information on their Pledge Site (link below).

Album Track Listing:

1. When We Were Kings

2. A Father's Son

3. We Saw the Deep

4. Hope is not Enough

5. Progress is a Snake

6. These Feet of Clay

7. Sirens

8. Sea of Regrets

9. These Broken Bones

10. A Divorce Before Marriage

11. Doves