Ike Turner was working on a major comeback album with super producer Dangermouse when he died in December (07). Cult indie duo The Black Keys have become the beneficiaries of Turner's final recordings after agreeing to pen tunes for the late R+B star. Singer Dan Auerbach reveals he was approached by DangerMouse - real name Brian Burton - and was thrilled to discover the producer and Gnarls Barkley star was working with Turner. He says, "I dug out some old songs I didn't think were suitable for The Black Keys and sent them with my vocals for Ike to use as reference, and he started working on stuff." When Turner died from a cocaine overdose on 12 December (07), DangerMouse scrapped the project and turned his attentions to working with The Black Keys instead. Auerbach tells Mojo magazine, "He wanted to make a record with us, so we did, and he was a great collaborator." And it seems DangerMouse isn't the only big name keen to work with The Black Keys - Rod Stewart wants to record his next album with them. He says, "I want to make a blues record... and I want it to be backed by The Black Keys. Do you think that they know who I am?"