LATEST: Soul star Ike Turner has hit out at the Los Angeles Police Department for the "ill treatment" he received after he was wrongly arrested last Tuesday (15May07). The singer was pulled over by cops in a traffic stop last week and taken into custody when officers discovered he had an outstanding felony drugs warrant dating back 12 years. The 75-year-old was forced to spend the night in a cell at Los Angeles' Twin Towers Jail, and it wasn't until the following morning (16May07) that authorities realised the warrant had been recalled in 1989. But while Turner recently (17May07) said he was not angry about the arrest, he has complained about the condition of the cell he was forced to spend the night in. His manager Phillip Arnold tells, "Ike was in a private holding cell, about 4x4 ft., with a bench only, and without a bunk or blankets. "He passed out from exhaustion several times, and fell off the bench onto the cement floor, sustaining a minor injury to his leg. He was also denied regular access to the restroom facilities while in custody, a matter of extreme discomfort to a person of his age." Turner adds, "I am pretty strong for 75, but not everyone my age could have survived that ill treatment. I have to send a message to them, for the sake of the little guy no one will listen to. The next elderly inmate might not survive."